3 × 100% philosophy

100% natural raw materials

Many factors influence the quality of products. One of the most important is the choice of raw materials used. At OnlyBio and OnlyEco, we do not accept shortcuts. We strive to ensure that all ingredients used in the production of our cosmetics and cleaning products are organic and come from organic, certified crops. We monitor them from grain to harvest. We apply the highest standards to quality and to our principles of commercial ethics, guided by responsibility for the environment around us. Careful selection of organic ingredients allows us to produce products that are completely safe, ecological and biodegradable: Friendly to both you and other members of your family, even the youngest. The naturalness of our products is confirmed both by the EcoCert certificate at the highest Cosmos standard, and by the Vegan Society certificate.

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100% ecological packaging

Did you know that about 30 percent of our household waste consists of used packaging? This has great significance for our environment. A carrier bag that goes to landfill will not break down for up to 450 years, and it may take up to a thousand years for plastic bottles. That is why at OnlyEco and OnlyBio, we particularly make sure that the packaging of our products is not only elegant and practical, but above all made of organic materials or fully recycled. Already in 2020 we will use packaging made of 100% sugar cane or glass. We have also started research on cosmetics vending machines, which will enable the customer to directly pour their desired product into their own containers.

100% green factory

What do you think when you hear the word “factory”? About smoking chimneys, polluted water and contaminated soil? Forget about all that … Our revolutionary factory will be completely different. At OnlyEco and OnlyBio, we believe that you cannot produce eco-friendly products while destroying the environment whose goods we use. That is why our plant will be 100% compliant with the Zero Waste and Circular Economy philosophy. All necessary energy will be provided by photovoltaic panels, and heating will be via ecological heat pumps. By 2020, we intend to build a completely zero-emission factory, covered with carbon dioxide-absorbing plants, and surrounded by a park, which will allow a moment of respite after a day’s work. For the sake of our environment, we will use the latest water-saving technologies, and electricity to squeeze out delicious fruit juice, which each of our employees will be able to produce themselves, using … a powerbike. Such training will be useful before returning home, of course by bicycle. At OnlyEco and OnlyBio, we always support ecological solutions, which is why our employees can count on bonuses for choosing environmentally friendly means of transport. For the same purpose, we are gradually exchanging our car fleet for hybrid vehicles.

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We are fighting for a clean Earth,
because there is no Planet B.

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Each product from Only Bio and Only Eco has at least 99% ingredients of natural origin. In addition, each product category with direct or indirect skin contact has a hypoallergenic version.

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