Żółte plamy

To begin with, please allow some statistics to better show that we say "no" to greenwashing marketing, instead focusing only on responsible, ecological choices.


Did you know that:

almost 30 scientists work for us, including 13 with the title of doctor and professor, with the support of outstanding medical doctors and environmentalists.


in the years 2016-2019, we invested nearly 20 million Euro in technology development only, and 5 million Euro in the development of laboratory infrastructure.


we have completed two R&D projects with a value of 10 million Euro and we are currently implementing two R&D projects with a value of another 5 million Euro. In 2020-2023, we plan to spend at least 15 million Euro on R&D projects only.


we have the most modern biorefinery, and production lines which are unique in the world.

Wschód słońca

already in 2020 we will finish the construction of a 100% ecological factory in line with the zero waste philosophy, with our own green energy sources.

Wózek sklepowy

we operate in global market, selling over 150 products on four continents.


all our cosmetics have EcoCert natural certification at the highest Cosmos standard, and also Vegan Society certification.


we have patented numerous substances from rapeseed: P.421356, P.424555, P.425775.

Sounds good?

And this is just the beginning of our eco revolution. We know that we must win it, because our Earth is at stake, or rather what it may look like if we do not start rational management of its limited resources today.

Żółte plamy Żółte plamy Żółte plamy Żółte plamy

Nature has always inspired humanity

It is thanks to observing the world of plants and animals that we have learned to fly, fight diseases and venture into inaccessible sea depths. Nature, with its cyclical dying and rebirth, has become an inspiration also for us. This is how the 3x100% philosophy was born, which directs the company's activities. We aim to create 100% natural products, with 100% ecological packaging, in a 100% ecological, environmentally-friendly factory.


The secret of our products is rapeseed

This is a unique plant, which is the source of very healthy oil. Thanks to biorefining technology, i.e. processing into a new form, we can use the pomace after oil production. During the fermentation process, using special microorganisms, substances with excellent cleaning, washing and moisturizing properties are created. In addition, they are non-toxic, antiseptic and biodegradable. Surfactin and Lewan - from these are made the cosmetics and cleaning products OnlyBio and OnlyEco.

But this is not the end. The residues from the biorefining process are valuable animal feed, and fertilizer producers, thanks to which ... our rapeseed can grow again ...