Go green

Niebieski liść Niebieskie plamy Niebieski liść Niebieskie plamy

Go green with us!
Preferably on skates!

At OnlyBio and OnlyEco, we support ecological solutions, especially if they provide us with lots of fun. As it turns out, a bicycle or scooter are not the only alternatives for eco geeks! So how about a change from a car to this unusual means of transport?

In our company, we believe that choosing an ecological lifestyle does not necessarily have to mean sacrifices. On the contrary: This decision creates new opportunities and encourages further challenges. That is why we decided to join forces with the NightSkating Association to jointly promote the unusual sport of rollerblading. Thanks to this, we not only avoid traffic jams or take care of our own fitness, but above all we care about the environment, remembering that there is no planet B. So let’s go a little crazy. From here, getting to school or work can be a real adventure and ecological benefit for all of us!

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Zielone plamy

let’s find out
that being eco
can also be fun!