Brand values, that is, the "decalogue"
of OnlyBio and OnlyEco

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Our life consists of choices. We make them responsibly, considering you, your loved ones and the environment in which we live. That is why our cosmetics and cleaning products are 100% safe, produced in an ecological factory, using the latest technologies.


Ecological life

Our planet's resources are depleted. This awareness makes us care so much about rational management of nature’s gifts. We know that the world of tomorrow will be the only world that future generations will know. We chose eco-life because we want to have a real impact on what the world of the future will look like. Our Earth. There is no Planet B ...

Niebieskie plamy Niebieski liść


In our eco-family, we especially value safety, peace and happiness: for you and your loved ones. You deserve it. Therefore, all our products are 100% skin-friendly and dermatologically tested. They care for skin perfectly, suitable for both sensitive and allergic types. They are not only effective, but above all safe, even for the youngest members of the household and pets.

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A high-quality product should be made of high-quality ingredients, in a modern factory and under the supervision of excellent specialists. We know this well, which is why we care about maintaining our standards at every stage of production. OnlyBio and OnlyEco cosmetics and cleaning products are created in a green factory, in line with a zero waste philosophy, from natural, carefully selected ingredients. We monitor them from grain to harvest. A team of world-class scientists, specialists and dermatologists work on our formulas; and the high quality of our products, their natural and ecological origin, is confirmed by EcoCert certification.

Niebieskie plamy Niebieski liść

Sustainability and education

The production of ecological, safe products is not enough for us. We are aware that without proper education, the Earth's natural resources will continue to shrink, and sustainability will only remain a distant goal. That is why we undertake a number of pro-social actions to show that it is worth taking care of our planet now. We plant forests and meadows, collect garbage, and promote an ecological philosophy of life with the help of eco-murals. If you feel like it, you can join us ... Together it will be easier for us to change the world for the better ...


Friendly to Mother Earth and animals

We strive to ensure that all ingredients used in the production of our cosmetics and cleaning products come from organic, certified crops. We produce responsibly, saving energy and water, with waste recycling. We do not test on animals! However, there is nothing to stop you from checking how friendly our products are to your pet. All OnlyBio and OnlyEco cosmetics and cleaning products are safe, biodegradable and 100% vegan, which is confirmed by Vegan Society certification.