If you can dream it you can do it.

Strzałka w dół

Hi, my name is Marcin. Apparently people with this name love challenges and never put off work. There is something in this … Work is extremely important to me; especially when I feel that through it I can change the world in small ways.


But really, the meaning of my life is given primarily by my family, with whom I travel, and actually run, through life, because we all love sport. It is with my family in mind that I take on new challenges every day, believing that, like on the pitch, we can only win by playing as a team. That is why we rest together, have fun together and above all, for years, we consistently choose an eco-lifestyle, wherever possible replacing the car with a bicycle, and the sofa with a ball.

We also reach for healthy food, and if someone says that sugar fortifies them, they can always take a short 15-kilometer run with me at the weekend … 😉


Rock climbing, which I love, has taught me that there are no insurmountable obstacles, if only we prepare properly beforehand. Despite this, my plans for the near future are quite modest … I hope to raise my children well, make OnlyBio and OnlyEco brands global and … lead a team in the Champions League as a coach. Later I will think about what to do next …

Sky is not the limit.

Strzałka w dół

My name is Marcin Łukaszewicz. Who am I? A happy father of four, a fan of walking, passionate about nature, sailor, helmsman, windsurfer, diver, underwater hockey player and traveler. I am also an academic lecturer and biotechnologist, although initially there were many indications that I would link my career with agriculture. Well … today, a large garden must suffice for me, where I can admire how life develops from a small seed. It still fascinates me and will probably never cease to amaze. The world around us is so diverse, giving us so many possibilities.
I love my job because I feel that I am only limited by my own imagination.

Our current knowledge solves social problems and eliminates threats. I believe that this is the goal of science – to constantly find answers to the question of how to make our surroundings a better, more friendly place to live. It is really a great joy to be able to help people in such an extraordinary way. It may be too big a word, but there is a special sense of mission that still gives me wings, motivating me to take further action. That is why my dreams are closely related to my job. I look forward to the well-deserved success of OnlyBio and OnlyEco, and I cannot wait to launch our new biorefinery.