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Liście 100% natural raw materials
Butelka 100% ecological packaging
Firma 100% environmentally friendly factory

Discover the 3 x 100% philosophy

One hundred percent natural raw materials, one hundred percent ecological packaging and one hundred percent environmentally friendly factory is a 3x100% philosophy that sets the direction of our company. There is no room for compromise. We fight for a clean Earth because we know that there is no Planet B.

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Ozdoba graficzna Ozdoba graficzna


Wake up! The time has come for change. A time for wise choices and responsible decisions. No more compromises! For too long we have watched our world slowly dying, and yet there is no Planet B. It is time to get up and fight for our Earth. It is time to join the world eco revolution! Do not be afraid! If we do not decide to change today, it may be too late tomorrow …

At Only Bio and Only Eco, we believe that we can only win the fight for a safe, clean world together. We have already made our choice. We create 100% natural products, with 100% ecological packaging, in a 100% green factory. This is our philosophy. If it is close to your heart too, do not hesitate: Join us now. Remember, the world of tomorrow will be the only world that future generations will know. Let us fight for it together.

Linia Kleks

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Ozdoba graficzna Ozdoba graficzna Ozdoba graficzna

Each product from Only Bio and Only Eco has at least 99% ingredients of natural origin. In addition, each product category with direct or indirect skin contact has a hypoallergenic version.

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